Many adults have had fillings, where a dentist fills in a decayed tooth with dental material to prevent further damage. The same type of treatment can be administered to children, too. The goal is to preserve the tooth’s health and function for years to come, even with baby teeth. It can also help to reduce… Read More

Yes, children can definitely wear braces with some baby teeth remaining. Children won’t need braces when they have only baby teeth, but it may be the right course of action in some cases where a child has mixed baby and permanent teeth.  That’s the short answer. The long answer is that nobody can offer you… Read More

Your child comes running into your home with what seems like a bloody lip. You quickly learn that he or she has a chip missing out of their tooth. What do you do when this happens? Many parents will encounter this from time-to-time.  Accidents happen, but chipped teeth, especially those in a child, can be… Read More

Invisalign could be a treatment option for some teens and children. Many children benefit from orthodontic treatment. It can work to fix tooth spacing problems, cross bites, teeth crowding, overbites and gapped teeth. Today’s braces have changed significantly. Many types are hard to notice and capable of helping patients develop stronger and healthier teeth. They… Read More

In this cartoon we explore fun facts about teeth, proper oral care techniques, and what happens at a dental exam. Kids learn that dentists can be fun! Can’t listen to the audio? Here’s a full transcript! Hello, I’m Dr. Le from Bunker Hill Dentistry! I’m super excited to chat with you all today! Let’s start… Read More