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If you suffer from worn down, chipped, broken, misaligned, or missing teeth, Bunker Hill Dentistry offers a number of restorative dentistry treatments to restore the look and function of your mouth.

Treatments might be direct or indirect.

Direct restoration treatments are fabricated inside the mouth and are usually completed in a single visit. A filling is the archetypal direct restoration treatment.

Indirect restoration refers to customized tooth restorations fabricated in a lab and later applied to the teeth. Examples include crowns, inlays, dentures, or other similar services.

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Reasons Why You Might Need Restorative Dentistry

There are many reasons why you might need restorative dentistry services. As an example, let’s say you have visible tooth damage, such as a crack, chip, break, or general wearing down.

These services would help give you the smile you’re looking for while providing the necessary oral function, too.

Other examples include instances of extreme tooth decay, tooth loss, or gum disease.

Some of our patients with severely misaligned or crowded teeth also undergo a form of restorative dentistry in order to enjoy a better smile.


Restoration Dentistry Treatments at Bunker Hill Dentistry

At Bunker Hill Dentistry, we offer multiple types of restorative dentistry services. The most commonly performed include:



This is the most common type of restorative dentistry and is done on patients of all ages. The process includes adding a special resin to decaying portions of a tooth to restore the tooth to good working order and prevent further damage.

Dental Filling | Before and After

Learn more about fillings at Bunker Hill Dentistry.


Crowns (Inlays and Onlays)

Another common type of restorative dentistry is crowns. This is where a special cap is added on top of a damaged or broken tooth to restore proper strength and appearance. Often, crowns are made from a special material designed to look like a natural tooth.

Single Front Crown | Before and After

Learn more about crowns at Bunker Hill Dentistry.



An effective solution when missing one or several teeth. A false tooth (or pontic) serves as the bridge and connects to anchors on each side.

Bridge – Before and After

Learn more about bridges at Bunker Hill Dentistry.



Bonding involves applying a resin directly to the teeth. A very versatile solution, dental bonding can be used to treat chips, gaps, cracks, and even cavities.

Dental Bonding - Before and After Bunker Hill Dentistry

Dental Bonding – Before and After

Learn more about dental bonding at Bunker Hill Dentistry.



For an absolute megawatt smile, there’s veneers. This is where semi-transparent shells made from porcelain are adhered over your existing smile, reducing the need for whitening treatments or even braces.

Porcelain Veneers | Before and After

Learn more about porcelain veneers at Bunker Hill Dentistry.



A fixed and permanent solution for a missing tooth. This is where a special post is inserted in place of the root and holds an artificial tooth in place.

Dental Implant | Before and After

Learn more about dental implants at Bunker Hill Dentistry.


All-on-4 Implants

While implants replace a single missing tooth with a single implant, All-on-4 is used to replace an entire arch of teeth with just 4 implants to which dentures are affixed. For this reason, All-on-4 is a good option for extensive tooth loss, decay, damage, or gum disease.

Learn more about All-on-4 implants at Bunker Hill Dentistry.



Available to patients of all ages, dentures replace any missing or broken teeth. They are available in full, partial, and implant-secured varieties.

Elderly woman with dentures

Learn more about dentures at Bunker Hill Dentistry.


Combine Procedures For a Full Mouth Restoration

In addition to the services we’ve mentioned above, Bunker Hill Dentistry offers a variety of full mouth restoration options. All of our cosmetic dentistry services are specifically tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you just need a single service or a combination of dental care options, our experienced dentist can work with you to determine your best course of treatment.

In some cases, this might mean removing existing teeth to make room for a bridge, dentures, or specific implants.

Finally, we’ll finish off your makeover with any additional oral care services you need, such as whitening treatments, teeth lengthening or shortening, or other cosmetic dental options tailored to your individual situation.


A Confident Smile and Other Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

There are numerous reasons to consider restorative dentistry. Whether you’re looking for a more confident smile, a younger appearance, and/or improved self-confidence, our team is here to help you make it happen.

In addition to the visual benefits of restorative dentistry, you’ll likely also enjoy better overall oral health, an easier time speaking, an increased ability to eat or chew certain foods, and much more.


Are Dental Restorations Covered by Insurance?

This is a question that many people have regarding restorative dental care. The truth is that insurance often pays for these services, but it really depends on your plan and the reason the service is being performed in the first place.

Services involving fillings, dental crowns, inlays, onlays, dental bridges, dental implants, and some dentures could be considered major dental care and would likely be covered at least partially by your dental insurance.

However, cosmetic services like veneers and other aesthetically specific services might not be covered directly by your plan.

The best option to find out if a service you’re considering is covered is to contact our office directly. We will inquire further with your dental insurance plan to determine your portion of the bill or if it is totally covered.


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