Dental Care for the Entire Family

In Houston and Memorial City, Texas

Lovely family sitting together on the bedAt Bunker Hill Dentistry we take pride in our general dentistry services – diagnosing, treating, and maintaining your oral health. It is recommended that you go to the dentist every six months for a check up and professional cleaning. We use the latest tools to ensure your teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned. We also have an entire section of our dental office dedicated to sterilizing equipment, to prevent the spread of disease. At these appointments you will receive oral care advice and answers to any questions. Dr. Le loves sharing his knowledge of dentistry with his patients! To get an in depth look at our location, check out this office tour.


Our General Dentistry Procedures & Treatments


Here Are Just Some of the Conditions We Treat


See a comprehensive list of dental conditions we treat at Bunker Hill Dentistry.


Emergency Dental Services

Bunker Hill Dentistry offers emergency dental services for tooth pain, dental repairs, extractions, root canals and teeth that have been chipped or knocked out. If you need emergency dental services due to excess tooth, jaw or gum pain, call us at 832-834-5281.

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Pediatric Dental Services

Dr. Tri M Le is an experienced, caring, and compassionate doctor who specializes in delivering professional dental care to children, right from a young-age, to their teenage years and adolescence. As a general dentist, most children remain in Dr. Le’s care all the way into adulthood.

We help educate children about their oral health and make visits to the dentist fun and relaxed to overcome any nerves your child might have.

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Senior Dental Services

Bunker Hill Dentistry is proud to offer compassionate dental care to Houston’s senior population.

We offer our full suite of comprehensive dental services–preventative, restorative, and cosmetic–to those 65 and older, with special consideration and concern for our elderly patients.

With early morning appointments available and sensitivity for all financial situations, we welcome the opportunity to resolve issues of tooth decay, missing teeth, dry mouth, and more.

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Putting You At Ease

Regardless of which general dentistry treatment you receive, we want you to feel comfortable. There are several options available to minimize anxiety. At our location we offer sunglasses to shield eyes from lights, blankets, the option to listen to music during procedures, and of course anesthesia.

Learn more about sedation options at Bunker Hill Dentistry.

In addition to traditional methods, Dr. Le is able to painlessly numb a tooth. This is possible with the help of a computerized anesthesia-delivery wand (no needles!). Thanks to this tool, Dr. Le is able to create a gentle dental experience by targeting specific areas and avoiding the lips and tongue. This means less anesthesia used in total. You will leave your general dentistry treatment with full feeling in your lips and tongue and can resume eating and regular activities much sooner.


This May, Dr. Le was featured in Houstonia Magazine along with several other “Top Dentists” in the Houston area. Check out his profile here! 

Financing Your Dental Visit

Bunker Hill Dentistry is an approved provider for many dental PPO plans.

For your convenience, we often only collect your estimated co-pay and applicable deductibles at the time of service. If you do not have insurance, we will work with you to come up with a manageable payment plan.

We also offer third-party financing for services that are not covered by insurance (such as CareCredit) and we will be more than happy to help you with the application process.

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Patient Forms

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