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You have probably heard it before – maybe you’ve said it before – “I have a dental appointment coming up and I really don’t want to go.” This feeling can stem from what is known as dental anxiety, and it is actually quite common. One study found that 19% of the study population had moderate to high dental anxiety.

This anxiety can come from a number of sources, and at Bunker Hill Dentistry, we recognize all of these as valid. Whether you’ve had poor experiences in the past or are simply nervous about the tools or procedures, we understand. We believe that everyone deserves quality dental care, and we know that not every patient comes to dental care in the same way. That’s why we strive to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to all our patients.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, read on to find out how we are especially suited to meet your needs.

Talk With Us

Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of. If you are someone who struggles from dental anxiety, don’t hesitate to let us know. Whether you are already a patient with us and need to make us aware of your specific feelings and concerns, or you are looking for a new provider but aren’t sure how to navigate the ins and outs of finding the right dentist for you, we are more than happy to have a conversation with you about it.

You can call us over the phone – either prior to your visit or before making an appointment – or we can discuss your concerns in the office when you arrive for your appointment. Either way and whatever your situation, we are always ready and willing to answer any questions you have.

Visit Our Office

Dr. Le and Ann Le

Sometimes getting a feel for a place can ease any tensions we have about upcoming visits.

If you are nervous about being seen by a dentist, don’t feel like you have to wait for your appointment to get a sense of our practice. We’re happy to schedule a time for you to tour our facilities, meet our staff, and even sit in the dental chair before you ever come in for an appointment to become as familiar as you can with the environment and the people who will be seeing to your dental care.

We want you to feel safe and cared for at Bunker Hill Dentistry, so don’t hesitate to come meet us and see what we are all about.

Take a virtual tour of our office.

Total Client Satisfaction Is Our Mission

We have one mission – total client satisfaction.

Our slogan at Bunker Hill Dentistry is “Care, Comfort, Convenience,” and that is our guarantee to every customer . Not only do we value quality dental care, we also believe that a part of that quality is in your comfort as a patient. We take responsibility for your safety and welfare. Your comfort is paramount to us, and we want you to feel at ease every step of the way.

If you have any doubts as to the quality of care, comfort, and convenience you will receive with us, feel free to read some reviews from of our other patients to see how we deliver on our promise.

Favorable Appointment Times

We know that every patient has their own specific needs, which is why we offer flexible appointment times.

If you dread thinking all day about the dentist appointment you have in the afternoon let us know and we can schedule an appointment time early in the day to avoid the worry and stress. If you need to take breaks throughout your time in the dental chair we can schedule longer appointments so that you can take time to relax in the middle of a procedure or cleaning.

Whatever your needs may be, we are ready and able to find the right appointment for you.

Explain What We Do

For some people, knowing the details and techniques used in cleanings and dental procedures can help to set them at ease. If this is something that would help you, let us know and we will be happy to explain any and all points to you, such as:

  • Time length – how long will the procedure itself or the overall visit take
  • Tools – what tools are used and how they work
  • Sensations – what you might feel during each step of the visit
  • Extra instructions – any steps you’ll need to take before or after the visit, such as what/when to eat or drink
  • Recovery – how long recovery may take and what steps will aide in the process
  • Coping strategies – helpful methods of managing anxiety we have garnered over the years from other patients and professionals

Sedation Options

There are various types of sedation options that we have at our disposal. In addition to local anesthetic, we offer three different painless methods of sedation at Bunker Hill Dentistry to suit anxiety levels.

  • Nitrous Oxide – this is an odorless gas that is one of the more popular and well-known dental sedation methods that numbs sensitivity to pain and aids in patient anxiety. It is administered via a small breathing mask that covers the nose. It takes only a matter of minutes for the pain receptors to begin to be inhibited. Many patients report feeling a pleasant sense of euphoria while on nitrous oxide. At the end of the procedure, pure oxygen is used to flush out the nitrous oxide, allowing the patient to resume normal functions such as eating and driving.
  • Oral Sedation – oral sedation is given by your dentist one hour before a procedure, usually in a pill form (though there are also liquid methods, commonly used with younger patients). This type of sedation often makes patients drowsy, and some people even fall asleep, but they are easily awakened with a gentle touch, and can still communicate with the dentist during the procedure. Oral sedation does affect your motor skills temporarily, so you will need to arrange for a friend to drive you home from the visit if this method is used.
  • General Anesthesia – this method of anesthesia is one in which the patient is completely unconscious. It is started with an IV or a breathing mask, and is continued with a nasal breathing apparatus or a breathing tube inserted in the throat. Effects of general anesthesia can last up to several hours, and requires you to have someone to drive you home after the procedure. General anesthesia carries a heightened risk factor and is reserved for the most lengthy or invasive procedures.

Find out more about our sedation methods

Advanced Technology

Bunker Hill Dentistry technology
Bunker HillDentistry TV

At Bunker Hill Dentistry, we have access to some of modern dentistry’s most cutting technology that can help patients who experience dental anxiety to have faster and less invasive treatment.

  • Laser Dentistry – laser tools – which direct an intense beam of light – offer speed, comfort, safety, precision, and improved results. Lasers result in less discomfort, less bleeding, and less swelling for a patient than traditional tools such as drills and scalpels do.
  • iTero – these machines are intraoral scanners that provide 3D digital impressions of a patient’s teeth and gums, as opposed to a physical mold. This process offers greater comfort and speed to a patient during their visit, as well as allowing them to view an interactive model of their mouth.
  • i-CAT – this is the latest and most advanced model of a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner – a specialized type of medical imaging device which allows us  to take 3 dimensional images of your skull, giving us accurate information that can improve our ability to diagnose not only dental issues, but also other abnormalities that would have been missed with conventional X-rays. The i-CAT also emits less radiation than a traditional X-Ray machine.

All these advancements lead to more comfortable visits, quicker treatment times, reduce the need for anesthesia, shorten recovery times, and many more benefits.

Helping Anxiety in Children

Children are not immune to dental anxiety. At Bunker Hill Dentistry, our sensitivity for patients with anxiety extends to our younger patients as well.

Children are welcome and encouraged to ask questions of us the same as adults. We strive to give simple, non-threatening answers to their questions in order to ease their nervousness as well as encourage their inquisitiveness.

As a parent, it can be common to experience anxiety on our children’s behalf. We can help ease your parental anxiety in the same ways as we would help with personal dental anxiety, as well as offer suggestions and help you remain calm so that your children don’t pick up on any signals that might make them more nervous.

All in a Relaxing Environment

We believe that a calm and comforting environment can play a big role in easing anxiety. From the calming art pieces on the walls to the memory-foam cushions in the dentist chairs, our office is designed to maximize relaxation. During your treatment, we can provide blankets, pillows, and sunglasses to shield your eyes from the operating light. We can also play music or a fun movie or TV show to distract you while we work on your teeth.

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