Having a tooth fall out is usually as concerning as it is unexpected. Nevertheless, it can happen due to periodontitis (gum disease), tooth decay or cavities, or trauma in what’s known as tooth avulsion.  Baby teeth cannot be reinserted and saved, but permanent teeth often can if you act quickly.  Here’s what to do when… Read More

When you are away on vacation, on a business trip, visiting family out of town or on a holiday overseas, the last thing that you want to think about is finding an emergency dentist. But sometimes they happen when you least want them to. The best thing that you can do during a dental emergency… Read More

From a sudden ache to a broken front tooth from falling, dental emergencies can happen at any time. If you’re in pain and not sure what to do, this guide will help you determine whether your situation is classed as a true dental emergency or something that can wait until your dentist’s regular opening hours.… Read More

There are many reasons people visit an emergency dentist, from root canals to chipped teeth. Emergencies can also happen when you least want them to. Whether you have swollen gums or pain from a wisdom tooth, it’s important to know what to expect during an emergency dental visit. What can a dentist do for you… Read More