In Houston and Memorial City, Texas

  • When possible, we offer weekend emergency dental services for your convenience.

  • Our Houston dentist performs emergency root canals and treats oral infections and abscesses.

  • We can repair broken, chipped and knocked out teeth.

  • Our emergency dentist can handle your toughest pediatric and adult oral health emergencies, from sudden tooth pain to the repair of bridges and crowns.

  • At our dental office, we can replace missing fillings and reduce your throbbing tooth pain.

  • We will do everything within our power to save your tooth and prevent tooth extractions.

  • No insurance is needed to see our emergency dentist.


Bunker Hill Dentistry offers emergency dental services for tooth pain, dental repairs, extractions, root canals and teeth that have been chipped or knocked out. If you need emergency dental services (not sure if you need? Check our guide) due to excess tooth, jaw or gum pain, call us at 832-834-5281. We serve the entirety of 77024, 77079 and the greater Houston area.

When you come into our office, you can expect a caring and compassionate team that will make you feel comfortable and at ease, even if it’s been a while since your last dentist visit. Our experienced emergency dentist will take x-rays of your teeth, jaw and mouth and determine the best way to treat your oral health condition. We treat oral infections and abscesses, remove wisdom teeth, fill cavities and restore, replace dental bridges and crowns and repair cracked and chipped teeth. Dr. Tri M Le can even stabilize loose teeth that have been damaged by a traumatic injury to your mouth.

If you are in extreme pain, our dentist may numb the area to help give you relief while we determine the best treatment, and the best treatment isn’t always pulling your painful tooth. In many instances, your natural tooth can be saved with a dental filling or root canal.

If you have a gum disease, like gingivitis or periodontal disease, that’s causing you pain and loose teeth, our dentist can start the process of restoring the health of your teeth and gums with a deep cleaning. Once your teeth and gums are clean and free of plaque, tartar and infections, we can develop a plan to stop your gums from receding, restore jaw bone and help reduce the risk of future occurrences.


Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

If you have extreme tooth, jaw or gum pain, it’s time to visit our emergency dentist serving.

For any large cuts or if the damaged tooth is sustained as part of other injuries, go first to an emergency room for treatment. Our dental professionals understand that when you are in pain due to a lost dental filling, abscess, loose tooth, or red, painful gums, you need immediate dental care in order to find pain relief and restore your oral health. Some of the tell tale symptoms that you need urgent dental work include:

  • Extreme Hot and Cold Sensitivity
  • Lost Fillings
  • Swollen and Bleeding Gums
  • Swollen, Bleeding or Injured Lips
  • Throbbing Jaw or Tooth Pain
  • Traumatic Mouth Injuries
  • Tooth Loss (here are the 4 steps to take to give you the best chance of successfully reinserting the tooth)


I’m a New Patient – How Do I Make An Appointment for Emergency Dental Care?

Here at Bunker Hill Dentistry in Houston, Texas, we make it easy to schedule an appointment for routine and emergency dental care by being open six days a week when necessary and taking both phone and walk-in appointments. When you call or come into our office, we will do everything within our power to see you the same day.

If you are a new patient, you may want to download our new patient forms, which will ask you about your overall health and your oral health as well as your insurance information. By printing these forms and filling them out prior to your appointment, you will be giving yourself the time you need to accurately complete the forms and helping us take care of you.

To speak with one of our dental professionals about your oral health condition, ask questions and to schedule an appointment, call us at 832-834-5281. If you need a dental consultation about an oral concern, you can fill out the brief form at the end of our contact us page, call us or walk into our office. We would be happy to speak with you, listen to your concerns and answer your questions.


Insurance and Payment Options

Our dentist office takes a variety of payment methods from self-pay to dental insurance. We accept cash, checks, credit cards and health savings accounts. If you have a dental insurance plan, we can file the appropriate paperwork for you. If you are uncertain as to whether we take your dental insurance plan, please call us. We would be happy to talk to you about your insurance and payment methods so that you can get the dental treatment you need.


Schedule An Appointment

Not been to Bunker Hill Dentistry before? To help you prepare for your first visit, read our new patient information page.