In this cartoon we explore fun facts about teeth, proper oral care techniques, and what happens at a dental exam. Kids learn that dentists can be fun!

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Hello, I’m Dr. Le from Bunker Hill Dentistry! I’m super excited to chat with you all today!

Let’s start with a few fun facts!

Did you know?

Your teeth are made of enamel, which is one of the strongest materials in the entire body!

Just like fingerprints and snowflakes, every tongue has a different pattern. No two are alike!

Now let’s talk about how to keep your teeth clean and healthy!

If you don’t take care of your teeth they will turn dull and you could get little holes called cavities!

Sugar filled food and drinks lead to cavities because they feed the bad germs in your mouth, and those germs weaken your teeth.

Instead of candy, try snacking on veggies like carrots. Salads and fruit are yummy ways to be healthy! Instead of soda, drink water, it helps keep your mouth clean.

Speaking of cleaning –brush your teeth with toothpaste at least twice a day.  Mouthwash can make your breath minty fresh, but be sure to get your parent’s permission first! Dental floss is used to clean in between your teeth. When you floss you get germs out and any pieces of food that were stuck.

Your parents should take you to the dentist every 6 months. Your dentist will make sure your teeth are as healthy as possible.

Going to the dentist can be fun!

Dentists are kind of like super heroes!

They defend your mouth against bad germs. These tiny little creatures grow on your teeth and form plaque – a slime that eats away at your teeth if you don’t keep them clean.

If you go to the dentist while you’re young, you’ll have a great smile when you’re old. Dentists are here to help everyone look and feel their best!

What happens at a dental checkup?

First your dentist will make sure you are relaxed. If you’re nervous, they may give you a toy or put on a TV show to help you feel comfortable. Dentists want you to feel at ease!

Then, your dentist will take a close look at your teeth. They will examine your mouth for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or loose teeth!

Then you get to relax in the chair while your dentist cleans your teeth. They’ll use a special tool that blasts water on and in between your teeth. The bad germs will be washed away!

If you have any questions, your dentist will answer them. They’ll also explain how to care for your teeth and what foods to avoid.

Remember, a healthy smile can only happen if you brush your teeth everyday, and use mouthwash and floss properly. You don’t want to get cavities so limit all sugar and follow the advice of your dentist!

Thank you so much for watching!