Dental implants are a marvel of modern medicine, offering patients a potentially lifelong solution to the problem of missing teeth that functions as well as it looks.  Nevertheless, if you’re going to imbed something in your jaw, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask what its makeup is. Below we’re taking a somewhat deep dive into the… Read More

When you get a cavity, a filling is the best way to seal the gap after the damaged enamel and dentin are removed.  While these fillings may last a long time, they can’t last forever.  The material used for the procedure largely determines how long a particular filling will last. However, your own eating habits,… Read More

If you’ve suffered from tooth loss, you probably want to know which dental restoration is the most permanent. Getting a long-lasting, durable, and realistic-looking solution is easy today thanks to dental implant technology. Implants are the best solution for a long-term fix for damaged, decayed, and lost teeth.  Designed to be long-lasting and easy to… Read More

Because they can last a lifetime, dental implants are the all-around best way to replace missing teeth.  However, the stability and comfort you get with implants comes with a price: their recovery time is one of the longest of any dental procedure, especially if you require a bone graft first.  Still, we believe the implant… Read More

Dental implants are an incredible solution for missing teeth, but if you’re considering getting one (or more), you may be curious what a dental implant actually is.  Although you can’t tell from the name, a dental implant system has three important parts that can’t all be placed in your mouth at the same time. They… Read More

A broken dental crown can be alarming, but it’s no cause for panic. There are several ways to solve the problem, one of which you can even do yourself at home, at least temporarily. Your options to fix a broken crown include: Bonding the broken crown Recementing the crown (if it’s still intact) Replacing the… Read More

Did you know there’s a way to replace up to an entire set of teeth with tailor-made prostheses that look and function like the real thing, and it’s not dentures? All-on-4 dental implants use cutting-edge medical technology to replace lost or damaged teeth and give you a brand new smile, permanently. We wouldn’t offer All-on-4s… Read More

A dental bridge is a custom-made appliance that “bridges” the gap created by a missing tooth. The gap is filled by a false tooth called a pontic, while the two teeth around it serve as anchors, called abutments, which are covered by crowns. The bridge is fixed in the mouth by cementing the crowns to… Read More

All on 4 is a relatively new way to replace entire arches of missing teeth with dentures. This teeth replacement treatment involves installing 4 implants in the upper or lower jaw, or both, and affixing a denture to those implants. The denture is a full set of false teeth that can either be permanent or… Read More

All-on-4 implant surgery is a comprehensive and effective solution for gum disease and tooth decay where entire upper or lower arches are missing or beyond repair. Post surgery, you can expect some side effects before the advantages of All-on-4 implant surgery take full effect. These symptoms may include: Minimal bleeding Swelling Stiff jaw and jaw… Read More