Are You Interested In Dentures?

In Houston and Memorial City, Texas

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. These can be partial or full depending on whether one is missing some teeth, or all.  The cost of varies depending on number of missing teeth needing replacement, “gum” material, and quality of artificial teeth. At Bunker Hill Dentistry we take advantage of the latest dental materials and techniques so that your set is comfortable and presentable.

Elderly woman in denturesBenefits:

  • Improved appearance. You will have a full set of straight, white teeth.
  • Enhanced control. If speaking or chewing are difficult due to missing teeth,  they can correct the issue.
  • Confidence and security. You can finally stop feeling self-conscious when you speak to others. You’ll have peace of mind and feel good when you look in the mirror.

Dental implants or implant-supported dentures are better treatment options, however if you are not a candidate for dental implants because of health or financial reasons, Dr. Le will still be able to fabricate a set of false teeth that will look great and fit well.

The Process

Once Dr. Le decides you are a candidate, he will perform x-rays, conduct and examination, and extract teeth as necessary. The type of teeth you are receiving will determine the next steps.

  • Partial Dentures are an option when only a section of teeth is missing.  After the initial steps are complete, Dr. Le will hook them over surrounding teeth.
  • Immediate Dentures are inserted right after teeth extraction and instantly give you usable teeth. They can be replaced with full dentures in the future and may need adjustments as your mouth heals.
  • Full Dentures are a complete set of artificial teeth in a pink base that mimics the look of gums. These can replace both upper and lower teeth. After your teeth are extracted, it will take up to 12 weeks to receive the full set.

How To Care For Dentures At HomeRemovable dentures

After receiving dentures you must clean them every day, since artificial teeth can develop plaque and tartar. There are many chemical and manual options and Dr. Le can recommend one that best suits you. Your new teeth should always be removed from the mouth before bed so that your oral tissues can recover.


If you are interested, contact Bunker Hill Dentistry today to schedule a consultation.