Embarrassment. Pain. Awkwardness. Self-doubt. When you are unhappy with your teeth, it often leads to being unhappy with yourself. And by waiting to act, you are holding yourself back. This post reviews exactly how your smile can help or hinder you in the professional world, as well as the necessary steps to correct below average… Read More

In this cartoon we explore fun facts about teeth, proper oral care techniques, and what happens at a dental exam. Kids learn that dentists can be fun! Can’t listen to the audio? Here’s a full transcript! Hello, I’m Dr. Le from Bunker Hill Dentistry! I’m super excited to chat with you all today! Let’s start… Read More

Dr. Le enjoys learning new techniques and acquiring advanced technology. In the past he received advanced cosmetic training through the Esthetic Continuum at Baylor College of Dentistry. He also received 100 hours of training under Dr. Robert Gerety with the American Orthodontic Society. When studying implant surgery and restoration, Dr. Le completed the Preceptorship in Implantology… Read More

Our Logo The Bunker Hill Dentistry logo is a symbol we proudly use to represent our business. The triangle signifies strength and stability. Throughout history triangles have served as the foundation for human achievement – the Great Pyramids of Egypt harnessed the power of this shape. The hand in the center is an artist’s hand.… Read More