Veneers may not last for life, but they are a lifelong decision in most cases. These dental devices attach to the exterior of your more visible teeth to create the appearance of a straighter, whiter, and better aligned smile.  Veneers are great for covering stubborn stains and hiding minor alignment issues that don’t need the… Read More

Improving or restoring your chewing ability, renewing your smile, and supporting your facial structure are just a few of the benefits of dentures.  If you have some or total tooth loss, full or partial dentures can be the vehicle for putting artificial teeth in place in your mouth. If you’re interested in dentures, we will… Read More

Having a tooth fall out is usually as concerning as it is unexpected. Nevertheless, it can happen due to periodontitis (gum disease), tooth decay or cavities, or trauma in what’s known as tooth avulsion.  Baby teeth cannot be reinserted and saved, but permanent teeth often can if you act quickly.  Here’s what to do when… Read More

Dental implants are a marvel of modern medicine, offering patients a potentially lifelong solution to the problem of missing teeth that functions as well as it looks.  Nevertheless, if you’re going to imbed something in your jaw, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask what its makeup is. Below we’re taking a somewhat deep dive into the… Read More

Teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic procedure in the United States, and when done properly, it’s safe and effective.  However, it’s important to properly care for your whitened teeth once the procedure is complete. This helps minimize sensitivity, prevents damage, and keeps your teeth white.  Let’s take a look at how to properly care… Read More

Veneers are a cosmetic dental solution that improve the appearance of your teeth. They are most often used in smile makeovers where the individual has stained or discolored teeth that are not responding to professional whitening treatments. Veneers can be used to help improve the spacing between the teeth by eliminating gaps, and they can… Read More

Dental bonding is a procedure that can repair and enhance your smile. Common applications are to fix chips, cracks, and other imperfections with your teeth.  Is teeth bonding right for you? We discuss who are – and who may not be – good candidates for bonding. What is Dental Bonding? Dental bonding uses a composite… Read More

When you get a cavity, a filling is the best way to seal the gap after the damaged enamel and dentin are removed.  While these fillings may last a long time, they can’t last forever.  The material used for the procedure largely determines how long a particular filling will last. However, your own eating habits,… Read More

Most people are familiar with braces, but Invisalign and other clear aligners are still relatively new to the world of dentistry.  Some patients may be wondering which is right for them and what kind of experience they can expect from both.  While you might also want to consider the cost, the length of treatment, the… Read More

Dental bonding offers an affordable, durable, and attractive solution to many common dental problems, including tooth cracks, gaps, misalignment, and cavities. Dentists may recommend dental bonding because it’s affordable, often only takes one office visit, is commonly covered by dental insurance, and produces stunning results. Practitioners might also give their patients a choice between dental… Read More