When you get a cavity, a filling is the best way to seal the gap after the damaged enamel and dentin are removed.  While these fillings may last a long time, they can’t last forever.  The material used for the procedure largely determines how long a particular filling will last. However, your own eating habits,… Read More

Most people are familiar with braces, but Invisalign and other clear aligners are still relatively new to the world of dentistry.  Some patients may be wondering which is right for them and what kind of experience they can expect from both.  While you might also want to consider the cost, the length of treatment, the… Read More

Dental bonding offers an affordable, durable, and attractive solution to many common dental problems, including tooth cracks, gaps, misalignment, and cavities. Dentists may recommend dental bonding because it’s affordable, often only takes one office visit, is commonly covered by dental insurance, and produces stunning results. Practitioners might also give their patients a choice between dental… Read More

If you’ve suffered from tooth loss, you probably want to know which dental restoration is the most permanent. Getting a long-lasting, durable, and realistic-looking solution is easy today thanks to dental implant technology. Implants are the best solution for a long-term fix for damaged, decayed, and lost teeth.  Designed to be long-lasting and easy to… Read More

Veneers are an easy way to get a dazzling smile and cover up worn enamel and discolored or uneven teeth. Perhaps best of all, they can achieve these wonderful results with little-to-no removal of tooth structure necessary–the dentist simply bonds the thin porcelain shells to the surface of your teeth.  But not everyone is a… Read More

Direct composite veneers–more commonly known as tooth bonding–is a simple but effective procedure for repairing a tooth by applying a composite resin that “bonds” to the tooth while covering up the cosmetic damage. It’s a quick, pain-free technique that requires little prep and usually no anesthesia and can be completed in a single visit.   Here’s… Read More

Because they can last a lifetime, dental implants are the all-around best way to replace missing teeth.  However, the stability and comfort you get with implants comes with a price: their recovery time is one of the longest of any dental procedure, especially if you require a bone graft first.  Still, we believe the implant… Read More

Dental implants are an incredible solution for missing teeth, but if you’re considering getting one (or more), you may be curious what a dental implant actually is.  Although you can’t tell from the name, a dental implant system has three important parts that can’t all be placed in your mouth at the same time. They… Read More