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Embarrassment. Pain. Awkwardness. Self-doubt.

When you are unhappy with your teeth, it often leads to being unhappy with yourself. And by waiting to act, you are holding yourself back. This post reviews exactly how your smile can help or hinder you in the professional world, as well as the necessary steps to correct below average teeth. 

Does my smile really matter that much?

Yes! Your smile is essential. The quality of your smile has a profound impact on how other people judge you, especially in the workplace.

A person who smiles a lot appears friendly, trustworthy, approachable, dependable, confident, and happy. They are also considered more attractive and studies show that those who smile more appear more successful. When you aren’t proud of your smile, your instinct is to hide it. This often makes you seem hostile, bored, sad, insecure, or closed off.

Men and women benefit from healthy looking smiles!

White, bright teeth are a sign of excellent health. It shows vitality, strength, and makes you look more alert. Similarly, a straight and even bite indicates good genetics and it conveys that you care enough about your teeth to maintain their quality.

Why is cosmetic dentistry right for me?

While we know not to judge a book by its cover, humans naturally form opinions based on looks. Research shows that it takes 7 seconds to form a first impression of someone. 55% of this assessment is purely based on appearance.

When it comes to being hired or getting a promotion, make sure you are leaving a consistent impression. Your performance at work could be stellar, and your attire professional, but your smile can tell a different story. Dull, stained, crooked, or missing teeth communicate a subtle message to everyone at your job.

A nice smile makes you look trustworthy and approachable.

To state the obvious: smiling is an indication of happiness. Employees who show more indications of happiness on the job receive better reviews, higher income, faster promotions, and more (source: Jessica Pryce-Jones, author of Happiness at Work and CEO). If you want to develop better rapport and demonstrate your potential, you need to smile more, and have a smile that impresses.

An improved smile will show that you take yourself seriously enough to invest in your appearance. It shows that you consider the whole package and value your health and happiness.

Are dull, stained, crooked, or missing teeth unhealthy?

They absolutely can be. A crooked smile left uncontrolled can get worse overtime, leading to toothaches and headaches. Dark or yellow teeth need to be examined by a dentist to ensure that there is no tooth decay or disease. It is important to address these issues as early as possible to avoid losing all of your teeth as a senior citizen.

How can I whiten my teeth?

There are many cosmetic dentistry options for improving your smile.

For whiter, brighter teeth you can receive whitening treatments in a dental office or purchase professional grade whitening kits from your dentist. Over the counter strips can be effective but you will not get the same results as what a dentist can provide.

The GLO Science whitening system is revolutionary because it eliminates the tooth sensitivity associated with teeth whitening. If you are worried about any pain from teeth whitening, you can relax. The GLO system is offered at dental offices across the United States, including right here at Bunker Hill Dentistry. When you schedule a consultation with your dentist, be sure to ask which tooth whitening system they use – they are not all created equal.

Dental Bonding - Before and After Bunker Hill Dentistry

Dental Bonding – Before and After Bunker Hill Dentistry

Two other cosmetic dentistry options for whiter teeth: dental bonding and porcelain veneers. These procedures cost more but the results last longer and they address more issues. Dental bonding is useful if your teeth are resistant to traditional whitening. It is often performed in one visit, so you’ll have a brighter smile in a couple of hours.

Porcelain veneers are excellent for those looking for an entire smile makeover. Veneers give a “Hollywood smile” effect and at Bunker Hill Dentistry we involve you every step of the way to ensure you are satisfied with the results. Click here to learn more about dental bonding vs porcelain veneers.

How do I fix an uneven smile?

Cosmetic Dentistry Before And After Bunker Hill Dentistry

If you want to straighten your teeth, orthodontics are a great option. Braces are more advanced than ever these days so you won’t look like a teenager if you get them. This is because many dentists use tooth colored brackets and clear wires, so that your braces are nearly invisible. Another near invisible option are clear trays to straighten your teeth e.g. Invisalign. Learn more about braces vs. Invisalign here.

You can also use porcelain veneers to correct an uneven smile. Click here to learn more about the porcelain veneer process.

Finally dental implants replace missing teeth. Having a full set of teeth is important in the workplace because you look more trustworthy and professional. Be sure to look at the before and after images of your cosmetic dentist’s previous work. Dental implants are one of the more complicated procedures, it takes a skilled hand and keen eye to properly carry it out.

Is cosmetic dentistry really worth it?

Yes! Once the procedures are complete, you will feel transformed. This confidence will propel you to make decisions you were unable to in the past. You’ll smile more, laugh more, take big steps, and perform better at work. And if you are looking for a job, the right smile could be the key to landing the position.

Business man smiling Bunker hill dentistry

Confidence is king!

Whether you are motivated by research or tired of feeling insecure, scheduling a consultation for cosmetic dentistry services is an important first step.

Looking for a cosmetic dentist in Houston, Texas?

Bunker Hill Dentistry specializes in cosmetic dentistry in Memorial City Texas that services the entire Greater Houston Area. Dr. Tri M Le has transformed smiles – and lives – for over two decades. In addition to his extensive dental education, Dr. Le has a degree in studio art. This gives him an advantage because he can apply visual theory and artistic techniques to his work and make your smile truly wonderful. Learn more about Dr. Le here.

Dr. Le At Bunker Hill Dentistry

Dr. Le At Bunker Hill Dentistry

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