Our Logo

BHD Logo

The Bunker Hill Dentistry logo is a symbol we proudly use to represent our business. The triangle signifies strength and stability. Throughout history triangles have served as the foundation for human achievement – the Great Pyramids of Egypt harnessed the power of this shape. The hand in the center is an artist’s hand. It represents our  precision, skill, and human touch!



Our Slogan

At Bunker Hill Dentistry we have one mission – total client satisfaction. “Care, Comfort, Convenience” is our guarantee to every client.  What does our slogan mean?


We value quality and complete dental care. We offer a wide range of services, from professional cleaning to full smile makeovers. Each patient gets personal attention at every visit, and leaves with a brighter, healthier smile.


At Bunker Hill Dentistry we take responsibility for your safety and welfare. There are always risks with any procedure so we strive to ease all anxiety and make every visit enjoyable. We offer many pain management options and we have relaxing chairs and treatment rooms to ensure a stress free experience. Your comfort is paramount. We want you to feel at ease every step of the way.


We’ve made it as easy as possible to become a patient and many services only require one visit. To make an appointment simply call, use our website, or stop by! Bunker Hill Dentistry can be reached by anyone Greater Houston Area via I-10. Our hours of operation are specifically designed to meet your needs and respect your time.