Get to know Bunker Hill Dentistry a little better with this office tour!

Reception Room

Bunker Hill Dentistry Reception Room

Bunker Hill Dentistry Reception Room

In our reception room you’ll find highly comfortable seating, beautiful fixtures, and art created by Dr. Le himself. This serene space features elements of nature such as a mother-of-pearl wall, fossil-stone side tables, onyx-topped pedestals, all intended create a sense of harmony, balance and peace.


Bunker Hill Dentistry Hallway Dr. Le Art


In every hallway, Dr. Le’s original artwork adorns the walls. Take your time as you walk and really think about the images you see.


Treatment Room

Bunker Hill Dentistry General Dentistry Treatment Room


Visits to the dentist don’t have to be uncomfortable! Our treatment rooms are designed to be soothing, and the chairs with memory-foam cushion are incredibly comfortable and relaxing.

Surgical Suite

Bunker Hill Dentistry Surgical Suite

Our surgical suite is where we perform cosmetic procedures. The room is large enough for an anesthesiologist (when necessary) as well as a comfortable chair for a family member. It is also equipped with Nitrous Oxide using modern scented masks instead to the old, rubber-smell type.


Sterilization Area

Bunker Hill Dentistry Sterilization Area

To prevent disease transmission, we take sterilization seriously. Our custom-built sterilization area is equipped with top-of-the-line machines, some with literal hands-free operation. Throughout the day, all instruments are carefully scrubbed, ultrasonically cleaned, fan dried, and sterilized in a Midmark MD11 autoclave at 121 degrees Celsius (249 degrees Fahrenheit) for 20 minutes. Monitoring strips are used and sent away every week for testing and ensuring of proper functioning of the autoclave.


3D Conebeam CT

3D ConeBeam CT

The i-CAT is the latest, most advanced, 3D Conebeam CT available. In addition, the i-CAT emits the lowest amount of radiation, even less than a conventional series of X-rays!  This fabulous technology allows us to take 3 dimensional images of your skull, which gives useful and accurate information that can improve our ability diagnose not only dental issues, but also other abnormalities that would have been missed with conventional X-rays.  The i-CAT will also help us visualize airway space, measure volume thus helping us diagnose and treat sleep apnea.  It’s also just a really cool piece of technology!




Of course, there’s no replacement for seeing everything in person. Contact Bunker Hill Dentistry today to set up an appointment!