Before investing in Invisalign, which requires significant long-term commitment and is a relatively expensive treatment, you want to be sure what you’re getting and whether or not it’s going to deliver the results you want. 

So, we’ve put together the biggest collection you’ll find of before and after pictures for Invisalign patients so you don’t need to go browsing dozens of websites yourself.

We’ve done our best to highlight only genuine Invisalign cases and ones that cover a wide spectrum of conditions, treatment lengths, and patient ages. 

We cover images for both teen and adult Invisalign and cases treating overbites, underbites, crossbites, crowding, gaps, overjet teeth, rotated, and crooked teeth. 


General Invisalign Cases – Multiple before and after photos of all kinds of bite conditions, gaps, overjet, and an impacted tooth. – 7 patient cases of Invisalign with treatments for spacing, crowding, crossbite, rotation, and overjet. Includes the time frame for the treatments and additional before and after videos. – 3 case studies to correct overcrowding and gapped teeth with image comparison sliders. – Photos and stories from 4 patients with crossbite, overbite, crowding, and gapped teeth. – Showing the transformation in 6 patients using comparison sliders. – Close up images of 19 Invisalign patients and their conditions. – Before and after pics of Invisalign for crossbite, overbite, spacing, crowding, overjet, and others. – Smile, upper arch, and lower arch before and afters from one patient. – Pictures showing how Invisalign works in stages. – 5 case studies looking at crooked teeth, overbite, and gapped teeth among others. – Collection of pictures highlighting the effects of Invisalign on a number of dental problems. – 12 cases covering crossbite, crowding, overlapping, and spacing on upper and lower teeth. With slider comparison images. – Slideshow of 12 cases covering multiple conditions. – 3 patients’ stories using Invisalign to correct misalignment, bite, and spacing complaints. – 4 patients showcase their before and after pictures from multiple angles. – Simple image comparison sliders of 3 patients. – Short patient stories and accompanying pictures from 4 patients. – Multiple before and after photos from 6 patients. – In-depth stories and pictures of 2 Invisalign patients. – Crowding, overbite, crossbite, rotated, and crooked teeth are covered in these detailed before and after pics.


Before & After Photos Including Invisalign Teen – 3 cases of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen treatments with helpful image comparison sliders. – 5 before and after shots of Invisalign Teen patients. -Spacing, crowding, and crooked teeth are covered in succinct comparisons, including adults and teens. – Smile and close up pictures of adults and teens.


In-depth Cases – Blog post on one person’s Invisalign journey. Pictures included. – In-depth look at 2 Invisalign patients. – Well presented and in-depth images showing full face, retracted, and side views. Unfortunately, just for 3 patients. – Collection of before and after photos with 1 in-depth case study. – Comprehensive details on 10 patients, reporting their condition and the length of treatment with supporting images. – 4 stories, images, and patient videos.