Dr. Le's Art


Did you know that Dr. Le received a BA in studio art before he entered the field of dentistry? To this day he enjoys painting, photography, and learning new ways to express his creativity. This interest in the arts is not confined to his free time; Dr. Le routinely employs his skills at Bunker Hill Dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry involves transforming any smile into its best possible version. To excel you must have an eye for design. This means that an understanding of balance, proportions, shape, form, and color are extremely important. Every patient that seeks out a procedure is looking for results that are seamless and natural looking. Poorly executed procedures are easy to spot and uncomfortable for the person who invested their resources but did not receive what they wanted. Dr. Le has the advantage of years of formal training in aesthetics, enabling him to deliver exactly what patients ask for.


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In every hallway, Dr. Le’s original artwork adorns the walls. Take your time as you walk and really think about the images you see. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or let us know which ones really speak to you.

Bunker Hill Dentistry Hallway

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