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Bunker Hill Dentistry’s Dr. Le is a widely recognized expert in cosmetic dentistry and the perfect choice for gummy smile correction. 

Our treatment process is safe and painless and offers dramatic improvement in your looks and self-confidence in a single visit.

What Is a Gummy Smile?

Although it is a somewhat subjective issue, most people feel the ideal smile is one in which the upper lip rests just above the top of the upper teeth, with minimal gum tissue showing.

In a “gummy smile,” the upper lip is farther from the top of the teeth, showing an excessive amount of gums when a person smiles or laughs. This has the effect of making the teeth look too short and the gums appear too bulky.

What Causes Gummy Smile?

You can read our complete breakdown of the causes of gummy smile, but to summarize, there are four main causes: 

  • Genetics: Some people are naturally born with more gum tissue than average.
  • Insufficient dental hygiene: When plaque builds up on your teeth because it hasn’t been brushed off–whether because you have braces or you just don’t brush often or well enough–it can work its way under the gums, inflaming and enlarging them. 
  • Teeth coming in incorrectly: If your teeth don’t erupt, or come in fully and properly, it can create the appearance of a gummy smile. 
  • Side effects of medication: Immunosuppressants, epilepsy drugs, and heart disease prescriptions can all cause enlarged gums.  

Good Candidates for Gummy Smile Treatment

The best way to know if you’re a candidate for treating gummy smile is to ask your dentist.

However, in general, if you believe you need alteration to your gums because they’re asymmetrical, or if your teeth appear too short, treatment is likely an option.

You’ll just need your dentist’s approval and teeth and gums that are healthy enough to work with.

Should Gummy Smile Be Treated?

Many people with gummy smiles never seek treatment, either because they don’t know treatment exists, they don’t believe they need it, or they’re not even aware they have the issue. And, medically speaking, unless it’s impacting a patient’s health, a gummy smile does not have to be treated.

Still, cosmetic dentistry exists for exactly these types of situations, to help patients feel better about themselves, even if they can technically “get by” without treatment. 

If your gummy smile is making you self-conscious, we believe you absolutely should get treated so you can be comfortable and proud of your appearance. 

How Bunker Hill Dentistry Treats Gummy Smile

Gum Lift - Before and After bunker hill dentistry
Gum Lift – Before and After

Here at Bunker Hill Dentistry, we treat gummy smile with a 1-2 hour procedure called a gum lift, also known as gum contouring. 

A gum lift involves removing excess gum tissue with a soft-tissue laser under local anesthetic. This will expose more of the teeth and eliminate the “gummy” look. Sometimes a little bone around the teeth must also be removed, which might require more extensive anesthesia. 

The use of the laser makes gum contouring minimally invasive and fast-healing.

Your gums are likely to be tender immediately after the procedure and may take days or weeks to fully heal. The extensiveness of the work largely determines the healing window. An ice pack applied for 20 minutes at a time, paired with an over-the-counter pain reliever, can help you manage pain for the first few days when it’s the worst. 

You may need to limit activities some during this time, depending on how you feel. You might also be prescribed an antibiotic mouth rinse to avoid infection. 

Also during this period you’ll  want to eat only soft foods such as soup (not too hot), yogurt, and applesauce. We will check your progress at a follow-up appointment a few days after your treatment. 

Learn more about getting gum lift surgery at Bunker Hill Dentistry.

Why Bunker Hill Dentistry?
Dr. Le and Ann Le
Dr. Le and his wife and office manager Ann Le
Specialists – From gum lifts to implants to total smile makeovers, Dr. Le specializes in cosmetic dentistry and can turn a gummy smile into a gorgeous one.

Serene setting – Our office is designed to provide a calm, relaxing environment to help put your mind at ease during treatment. Take a tour.

 Client satisfaction – We have one mission – total client satisfaction. “Care, Comfort, Convenience”is our guarantee to every client. More about Bunker Hill Dentistry.

Bunker Hill Dentistry Lobby View
Reception room at Bunker Hill Dentistry
State of the art – We utilize other advanced technology such as the i-CAT 3D x-ray machine, All-On-4® implants and an anesthesia-delivery wand, for faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

 Conveniently located – Located in Memorial, just a short drive from Houston’s city center. Find us on the map.

Are the Results Permanent?

Yes! Not only will your smile be transformed immediately, but gum lift results will last a lifetime. 

We’d Love to Help

Our passion is giving patients a healthy smile they’re proud to show the world. If you’re dealing with a gummy smile, a gum lift may be the key to regaining your confidence. 

You could even make it a part of a total smile makeover if you’d like to see your teeth whiter, straighter, restored from cracks or chips, or otherwise revitalized. 

Don’t wait; reach out to us today.

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