In Houston and Memorial City, Texas

Ann Le, who works as the practice manager here at Bunker Hill Dentistry, has been successfully managing dental practices since 1990. She is the wife of Dr. Tri M Le.  She and Dr. Le founded Southeast Texas Cosmetic Dentistry in Port Arthur, Texas, in 1990 before moving to Houston, Texas to establish Bunker Hill Dentistry. She is an integral component of the practice, providing hands-on support to the team each day. She’s likely someone you will see when you visit the practice.

Passionate about providing a high-quality service, Ann is dedicated to helping each patient to achieve their best outcome. She also believes in “showing what you can do.” Instead of promising great results, she focuses on showing patients and the community what services Dr Le at Bunker Hill Dentistry can provide to help everyone maintain their oral health as well as improve their smile!

Dr. Le and Ann Le

Dr. Le and his wife and office manager Ann Le


Practice-Patient Relationships – the Key to a Successful Dental Practice

Building a successful business and practice starts with being dedicated to the patient. Ann Le’s foundation for achieving this success comes from a set of core values focused on empathy, listening to the individual needs of the patient, and trust. She believes the personal interactions with patients is what helps the practice stand out. People go back to the same provider because of the way the practice and individual providers make them feel, not because of any claims of being the best.

While there are a great number of wonderfully capable dentists, it is impossible for any patient to truly know just how talented and skilled a dentist is until they visit. Even with all of the vetting and research a person does on a dentist beforehand, it is impossible to know the skills of the provider until the dental work begins.

Yet, before this can take place, an individual has to make the decision to seek out a highly qualified provider. To do that, it is important to build a strong foundation from the beginning  during initial phone calls and consultations. The way a person feels during these experiences is what defines whether they visit or not. And, as a result, Bunker Hill Dentistry focuses on providing a patient-first experience.

That’s why some of our patients drive two or more hours to visit Bunker Hill Dentistry. They know what they can expect, and they know the type of personalized attention they will receive.

In order to create and foster this type of personal experience, Ann relies on her experience growing up during the Vietnam War. This unique life exposure helps her understand the fears and worries other people have, specifically patients. And, it helps drive her desire to help and support patients on a personal level. Treating patients like family is at the core of the practice’s mission.

Running a Streamlined and Efficient Practice

Bunker Hill Dentistry is run in a streamlined, efficient manner. She believes in running a practice that simplifies all practice procedures to ensure they are easier on the patient and on the employees. An efficient practice is a reliable one, one capable of meeting the goals of the patient while also minimizing frustrations along the way. This is what helps to encourage patients to visit – every appointment is simple and straightforward.

More often than not, it is the little things that matter in life and business. As a business, the staff at Bunker Hill Dentistry realizes that patients have so many choices where to entrust their dental care, therefore, they make it a mission to provide not only the most diligent dental care, but also the most accommodating and comfortable service.

The practice runs smoothly because they do not double book. Indeed, respecting everyone’s value of time,  Dr Le has a policy not to overbook patients and, over 90% of the time, patients are immediately seen at their appointed time. They work hard to ensure treatments are diagnosed properly, recommended treatments are clearly explained as to needs and costs.  In addition, different options are also presented and, finally, to enable patients to proceed with treatments before things become more extensive and costly, they will go out of their way to help customize a payment plan that is affordable. By handling each patient’s needs in an orderly fashion, it is possible to ensure proper care while also minimizing any frustration.  This is where Ann’s background and education in accounting comes into play.